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YUYU Bottle featured in DailyMail


Pictured: Luxury Fleece Navy YUYU Bottle

From soothing body aches and painful cramps to keeping warm whilst working from home, there is little as comforting as a hot water bottle. With temperatures dropping well below freezing in many parts of the country, now is the perfect time to invest. 

The YuYu Body Bottle is a particular favourite on Amazon with over 2,000 shoppers leaving rave reviews. Measuring in at 75cm, its extra-long length makes it ideal for wrapping around your waist or neck to soothe aches and pains and get toasty in no time.  

The YuYu Body Bottle has received rave reviews from shoppers who love that it can be used for the entire body and that it stays warm for up to six hours

Pictured: YUYU Body Bottle in Grey

The full-length water bottle has received glowing reviews from thousands of shoppers who hail it as 'genius' and a 'godsend'. In fact, it comes so highly recommend that 79 per cent have awarded it the full five-stars - an impressive feat.

While at £24.99 the YuYu Body Bottle is slightly more expensive than traditional models, the extra-long length and wearable design seem to justify the price. 

Plus, it's been made from high-quality biodegradable rubber with cleverly designed bumps on the surface which traps air under the fabric making it stay warmer for longer. Some shoppers report it even stays warm for six hours. 

'I got this for neck pain and stiffness caused by sleeping in a funny position,' penned one reviewer. 'It's so soothing and totally relaxing. After a couple of hours on my neck/shoulders the pain had totally gone!

'The cover is fluffy and soft and nice on the skin. Being able to wear it is a bonus, but I just tuck the strap inside the case when I don't want to wear it.'

Another shopper added:

'Soft, flexible, covers a much bigger area than a regular hot water bottle and eases my pain greatly. I've had it tied in a couple of different positions. If you do the water amount right, it's fine. I mainly sit with it though. I genuinely love this product!'

A third penned:

'I have chronic pain, and there is nothing better than a hot water bottle, and this one is amazing. The length of it is great, and the straps on the soft cover mean you can wrap it around yourself. Best water bottle ever!'

Shoppers have discovered plenty of uses for the Body Bottle, even suggesting laying it out underneath your covers before bed to keep it toasty. 

The bottle comes in ten cosy fleece fabric designs, all of which are super soft. There's even special versions designed for kids, and each one comes with a pocket that's ideal for keeping a sprig of lavender or a tissue with some essential oils for a relaxing atmosphere. 

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