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Cosy Self-Care - Lockdown activities for children!



Lockdown has been difficult for many, being at home with children can be a challenge. So I have decided to share two cosy activities that will keep you and your children busy at home and get you all smiling

Calm & Cosy Time With YUYU

I am sat here writing this doing one of our favourite things: laying on the sofa with my eldest boy Ted (while Albert naps), wrapped in our gorgeous yuyu water bottles eating our favourite snacks. Something that has become a guilt free daily habit of ours- our “YUYU chill time” as Ted calls to. If you haven’t got yourself a hot water bottle this winter I would highly recommend getting yourself one of these. Treat yourself, after all self-care is vital right now

Building A Cosy Den

Round up your pillows, blankets, teddies, towels, sheets and any boxes. We use chairs and our clothes horse to create a ‘tent’. We then add cushions and of course our YUYU Bottles come inside too. What is really important about this activity, especially if you want your child to stay engaged, is that you leave it out all day AND the more cosy the better. Don’t rush to ‘finish’ your den as your children can add to it as the day goes on! We often spend hours inside our den; eating our lunch, playing puzzles etc. It’s also a nice calm space for your children to relax in too. We love the idea of adding twinkling lights! Who wouldn't want a den that glows?

‘Drive-in’ Movie

Using a leftover cardboard box or using anything you have around the house e.g blocks, cushions, your wash baskets, etc create a space to sit in and this will be your ‘car’ (big enough for you to all fit in) ‘Park’ your car in front of the TV and put on your favourite film, dim the lights, shut the curtains etc. Don’t forget the snacks and of course a freshly made YuYu Bottle. This makes it extra cosy, especially in the colder weather. Ted enjoyed this so much.

Part of our bedtime routine involves filling up our YUYU Bottles. We have found, since doing this, Ted falls asleep much quicker as he feels warm and cosy.

We wouldn’t be without our bottles!


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