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Rare Disease Day - Heat aiding Raynaud’s Disease

Bonjour, I am Séverine, I am part of the YuYu team and I have a rare disease called Raynaud’s. My main task at YuYu, amongst others, is to work with our lovely stockists. YuYu is the hot water bottle I could only have dreamed of when I was younger. 



Everybody gets cold hands and feet when the temperature lowers. It is a natural reflex of our body aimed at saving our vital organs. However, certain people’s bodies push this survival goal to the extreme. This is called Raynaud’s Disease. 

I have suffered from this rare disease for most of my life now. It started with me having cold hands and feet most of the year. I can have cold feet in Summer too. I know this is crazy! I’ll let you imagine what winter can be like for me!

When you suffer from Raynaud’s heat is really your best friend and I can no longer imagine living without my YuYu

Raynaud’s is hereditary and is most common in women between the ages of 15 and 40. People with Raynaud’s have their blood vessels retracting a lot more than the average population causing their fingers and toes to lose sensitivity and become extremely white and numb, as if they were dead. It can sometimes take a few hours for the blood circulation to function normally again in the extremities. The return of the blood can be very painful causing the fingers and toes to get extremely red and swollen. 

I got diagnosed with Raynaud’s Disease when I was about 14, during a particularly cold winter. I used to do horse riding and my feet started to get frostbite after a few weeks of practicing in a cold and windy manège. My feet had turned purple and were swollen and causing me a lot of pain on a daily basis. After a few weeks I went to the doctor as things were not improving in spite of hot foot baths and massages. After answering the doctor’s questions he gave me the diagnosis and prescribed very strong medication that supposedly dilate blood vessels and increase the blood flow in the extremities. This turned out to work quite well for me but the side effects were too strong for me and I had to stop the treatment. 



Since then I’ve tried several alternative therapies that work quite well but keeping my whole body warm is the best way I can prevent the blood supply to be cut off from extremities. When I found out about the YuYu a whole new world full of hope opened for me. I knew I would never be cold again.

I work from home and I sit at my desk most of the day which is not really good for the blood circulation and I get cold very quickly. By tying my hot YuYu around my waist I can maintain the temperature of my whole body, so that it’s warm enough so my feet and fingers don’t get cold and I can spend a comfortable day instead of having to rub my fingers and feet.

Sometimes when my feet are too cold and I need a quick fix, I literally wrap my YuYu around them to bring them back to life and keep them all toasty and comfy. When you suffer from Raynaud’s heat is really your best friend and I can no longer imagine living without my YuYu as it’s been a life saver for me since I got it. 

If you know anyone with Raynaud’s disease please tell them about YuYu. I want to make people aware that this product may help them staying comfortable in their daily life.


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