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NICU Nurse Nickie and her Story

Hi my name is Nickie and I suffer from stage 4 Endometriosis, Adenoymoisis and Fibroids.



I have suffered from Endometriosis since 2013 . I have always used several hot water bottles as one was never enough to cover my painful pelvis. I also suffer from kidney issues and so find the YUYU Bottle a lifesaver. I have even taken it to the hospital with me and it’s been a revelation in my pain relief methods. I have used a YUYU since 2016 where my fabulous friend and fellow Endo sister gifted me one and I’ve never looked back.



I now have 3 YUYU Bottles and I wouldn’t live without them! I have even bought them as gifts for my fellow Endo sisters and I really can’t rave about them enough. I am a neonatal nurse in the NHS and the fact you can tie them and be hands free is great for pain relief when I am on my breaks to grab some relief and still eat my dinner and enjoy my break. The YUYU Bottle and is also great for when I’m at uni doing my postgraduate nursing course.


I love going to the theatre and watching shows and I’ve even been known to take it to the theatre with me and on the tube.

I would 100% recommend the YUYU Bottle and have found them a brilliant company to engage with. Thank you YUYU Bottle !


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