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A YUYU Bottle for CRPS

My name is Wendy Denton and I became a friend of Richard Yu when I bought myself a YuYu Bottle around 8 years ago. I have a neurological and excruciating pain condition called complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

It all started after a minor operation that I had on my right hand but the surgeon messed it up and cut too deep and damaged my nerves. This is an incurable condition that is now spreading through my body. I have to take a lot of strong medication, like 3 doses of morphines and oral ketamine. I found the YUYU Bottle online and it has made such a massive change to my life! I use it all day, I surround my hand in the bottle and the heat really helps with the pain. I also use it on my back, my neck and leg. They cover such a big area that normal bottles can't reach.



I've had over 25 operations in the last 12 years. I've attached photos that are a bit graphic and upsetting as all my fingers were dislocated. Bent, twisted I had 6 operations to fuse my fingers using wire and screws and had an implant in my brain with wires down my back to an internal battery to try and stop pain signals, but due to epilepsy I had to have it removed. I have had 2 mini strokes due to the stress so my health just disintegrates all the time. But without my YUYU (that I take in the car and everywhere I go) my hand turns blue and black with the cold. My life would be nearly unbearable without my YUYU. Thank you so much Richard Yu, you are a hero of mine. 

*We have removed some of the more graphic pictures.


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