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EDS awareness month



The month of May has been designated to remind us all about a condition called EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome). All of us at YUYU would like to give a shout out to the strong and beautiful #YuYuPainWarrior @chronically.ams! Amy does an amazing job of educating both fellow sufferers and the rest of the world about this horrid condition and we wanted to hail praise to her for inspiring us, and her many loyal fans. Thanks for sharing your story and helping others fight through their chronic illnesses.

In celebration of #ehlersdanlossyndrome awareness month we partnered with @chronically.ams to give the chance to win a YUYU ZEBRA bottle!

Happy #ehlersdanlossyndrome Awareness Month!  #edsawareness #zebrastrong #ehlersdanlossyndrome #YuYuBottle


Some words from Amy:

“My new favourite hot water bottle! Instead of having to alternate my heat pack between different parts of my body this manages to heat my hips, knees and ankles all at once! It also can heat my stomach and back at the same time as well as my neck! It’s legendary! If you don’t have a YUYU Bottle I highly highly recommend! My favourite feature is the strap that allows you to actually wear the hot water bottle!”



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