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Heat therapy for IBD

Stephen uses his YUYU Bottle as a source of natural heat therapy to help ease symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease, specifically Ulcerative Colitis.


Ulcerative Colitis is a very individual condition and its symptoms will vary from person to person. They range from mild to severe and may also change over time. It is a condition that affects the bowel and gut, it’s a form of IBD, Crohn’s being the other form. To find out more, Crohn’s & Colitis UK have more in depth information.


Some words from Stephen:

"Loving this YUYU Bottle! As somebody who suffers from gut pains and abdominal tension due to IBD, this is a great help.

The best thing about it is the cover which is not only soft, but it can be tied into a belt!! When worn, it applies warmth and gentle pressure to both sides of my abdomen simultaneously. It's soothing, soft and hands-free.

I highly recommend it!"

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