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YUYU: Heat therapy for Complex regional pain syndrome

Since heat helps my CRPS, I’ve struggled for YEARS to find decent heat packs & hot water bottles. I can’t even count how many heat packs & hot water bottles I’ve been through over the years (I’m not even exaggerating. I’d be here all day if I had to count how many I’ve used/been through).

I have a few decent heat packs, but they’re not big enough (which isn’t helpful when my pain is in a large area). BUT I’ve found a really good hot water bottle that I love!!! So, meet the @yuyubottle !!

This hot water bottle is really long (81 cm/31 inches), stays warm for 2-6 hours (mine stays warm for 4ish hours), comes in lotss of colours (there’s multiple different collections, that have different covers/material types) & it’s wearable!!

I find that it’s great for larger areas and it would be great for different things, such as;
• Chronic pain
• Period pain
• Back pain
• Stomach pain
• Muscle pain/aches
And it could help pain you get from different conditions such as CRPS, Endometriosis, EDS etc.

Overall I LOVE this hot water bottle!!
(Mine is the grey polka dot one from the luxury fleece collection, and omgg it’s so fluffy & soft!)

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