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YUYU ICE Recovery Set (Waterproof Cover + ICE Bottle)

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Featuring the ICE Recovery Bottle + Stay Dry- Wearable Fabric Cover.

Fill with Water and Freeze for Hours of ICE-COLD Cooling.

Sustained Cooling: 6+ hours of extended ICE-COLD cooling on the body - Tested on bottle+sleeve at ambient room temperature (21.0 °C (69.8°F) with 22% humidity) and 2+ hours in extreme heat (+30°C or 86°F).

Long, Flexible and Lightweight: The YUYU ICE, at 90cm (35 Inches) long, is the longest ICE Pack or Cooling Device available. It offers extensive cooling coverage due to it's length, while remaining lightweight and highly flexible thanks to it's interconnected chambers.

Surface Temperature on Sleeve: The surface temperature stays close to 8°C-12°C or 46.4°F-53.6°F for 6 hours on the body when tested at room temperature of (21.0 °C (69.8°F). This may fluctuate at different external temperatures.

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