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The Rest Room Podcast Feature: What to do when your chronic illness flares up?

Strap your YUYU Bottle around your body and tune in to the latest episode of The Rest Room, a podcast shining a light on living well with your chronic illness. 
The Rest Room Podcast
In recent years podcasts have exploded onto the scene as being a convenient on-the-go option, perfect for those that like to multi-task and absorb new information. With so many podcast genres to choose from, we were delighted to find out about The Rest Room, a podcast sharing dedicated content covering all topics on how to live well with a chronic illness.
Created by Natasha Lipman, a London-based journalist, and chronic illness blogger, Natasha started The Rest Room after noticing the lack of support and information available around what it means to live with a chronic illness. Her podcast delves into a wide range of topics from navigating university with a chronic illness to exploring wider issues around disability such as accessibility and more. 
Image via The Rest Room
Her latest episode, What To Do When Your Chronic Illness Flares Up, gives an in-depth guide sharing helpful tips on what you can do when you experience a flare-up, joined by Claire Campbell, a pain management physiotherapist for expert advice. 
One of the points covered in the episode discusses the importance of finding what soothes your flare-up in the early stages. This can be anything from:
  • applying heat to relax your body 
  • distracting your mind by doing an activity that relaxes you i.e. knitting, colouring...etc.
  • taking medication to help ease your flare-up
  • applying ice packs and more
These simple practices can be hugely supportive during a flare-up. For Natasha, one of the tools that have helped her flare-ups is her YUYU Bottle.
Natasha wearing the Liberty London Lodden YUYU Bottle

"Heat is one of the most important tools I use to help soothe my pain, as I am very prone to spasms. I'm also very impacted by the cold and feel it in my bones. I love to use my YUYU draped lengthwise across my whole body and cuddle it under a blanket while I watch tv in the evening."

In addition to figuring out what it is that eases your flare-up, recognising that the difficult thoughts and emotions you experience are normal and will pass is important to keep in mind whilst going through a flare-up.

"Reassuring yourself that you have the skills to deal with this, or having somebody reassure you that these emotions pass can be really helpful to help you manage," says Claire Campbell.

This was just a snippet of the episode. To listen to the full episode, head on over to your podcast platform, grab your YUYU Bottle and your headphone and join Natasha in The Rest Room.

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