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Pain relief for Sickle Cell crisis

1 in 76 babies born in the UK carry the Sickle Cell trait.

Sickle Cell is inherited and if both parents have the trait, there's a 1 in 4 chance of each child being born with sickle cell disease. 

Sickle Cell disease can affect anyone, although it predominantly affects people from African and Caribbean backgrounds.


Cianna says:

"The YUYU Bottle really helps when I am in pain. I mostly get pain from Sickle Cell in my back, tummy and legs and I really like the YUYU Bottle because it is larger than a normal hot water bottle and it can cover a bigger area. I have always used hot water bottles to help ease the pain and I really like that this one doesn't have that funny smell when you put the hot water in and the cover makes it more comfy." 



Hayley, Cianna’s mum, says: 

“Sickle Cell Anaemia is so spontaneous and each episode is different to the one before. 

Sometimes the pain is mild and lasts for a couple of days but sometimes the pain is excruciating and can last for days on end resulting in a hospital admission and time to recover after being discharged. 

Winter is the worst time of year as the cold weather is a major trigger for Cianna and it is extremely important for her to stay warm to stay well. We also have the battle of the common colds and flu season which can also put her at risk in triggering a Sickle Cell pain Crisis.

We love the YUYU Bottle because it is really flexible, especially for Cianna when she has lower back pain, because you can attach it using the drawstring and do not have to constantly hold it in place or readjust it everytime you move. 

The covers are a major bonus because they seem to keep the bottle warmer for longer which is great for when Cianna is in hospital, as access to hot water is limited. 

It is great to have a routine to help comfort Cianna when she is in pain. We tend to use massage, pain relief and a hot water bottle for mild pain; however, for serious pain we always take her straight to hospital.”



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