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Coping with chronic pain

Chronic pain is a serious issue that many people struggle with, and something that a YUYU Bottle can definitely help with! Daisy from @copingwithchronicpain told us about how her YUYU has been useful with pain relief.


“For someone who struggles with chronic pain 24/7, heat is a GODSEND. Due to my age, I’m not on very strong medication and hot water bottles are my go-to coping mechanism.

Usually, I use something small that I can slip into the waistband of what I’m wearing, but since I’ve discovered @yuyubottle I’ve been able to go by my daily routine with it tied conveniently round me!

Daisy is using the Pure Cotton Waffle in Grey


(+ for those of you like me who struggle with chronic pain and PoTS, the heat is directly over the pain rather than all across your body, as it would be with a electric heat pad, reducing the amount of heat you are subjected to and therefore reducing the amount of fainting/presyncope symptoms!)


Daisy is using the Pure Cotton Waffle in Grey


My friend kindly took these photos of me modelling the @yuyubottle during one of my performing arts classes, of which I could actively take part in with this wrapped around my waist.”



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