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YUYU Bottle forms a new union with England Rugby...


An innovative product which has revolutionised the simple hot water bottle has consolidated its position as a ‘must have’ for the sporting elite, after becoming an official licensed product for England Rugby.

And the collaboration with the Red Roses, England’s women’s senior rugby union team, couldn’t have happened at a better time, with the side already making it into the record books, following their crushing defeat of the USA team last Sunday.

The YUYU Bottle, first broke into the international sporting arena after being used by Team GB athletes to stay cool at this year’s Tokyo summer Olympic Games. 

And the bottles have now been adopted by the rugby players as an easy-to-use way of warming up muscles and cooling down aches, sprains and inflammation before, during and after their games.

The bottles, complete with a bespoke England cover – which are 81cm long and come with an adjustable strap for easy wear – are proving invaluable to the women in helping the team in recovering between games.

The deal was agreed at the beginning of the Red Roses’ busy autumn schedule, with the women winning four out of four games and continuing their streak of being unbeaten is their last 18 games.

Emily Ross, lead physiotherapist for the senior England’s Women’s rugby team, is delighted by what the bottles can offer.

 “Elite sport is an ever-evolving landscape and even more so in this COVID-19 world,” she said.

“We as support staff have been focused on sustainable-adaptable strategies to withstand any changes thrown at us in whatever continent we are training in.

“YUYU Bottles allow a great adaptable recovery strategy for players, and especially for female athletes. The tie allows players to recover whilst on the move.

“It also is a great option in limiting the potential performance deficits from menstrual symptoms.”

Her words are echoed by Saracens and Red Roses flanker, Marlie Packer, who believes the bottles have become something of a secret weapon.

“I absolutely love the YUYU Bottle,” said Marlie.

“It works for me in multiple ways. The hot and cold elements are perfect for players like myself and the fact that they can be used on the go is a huge benefit.”

Richard Yu, founder of the company and creator of the award-winning product, has watched it become a firm favourite with athletes from across all areas of sport.

“The bottles are designed to be completely flexible and can be moved round so they target where they will do the most good,” he said.

“They can be worn across the shoulder, tied round the waist or lower back or just wrapped around joints such as the knees and ankles.

“The water inside the bottles can also be frozen and the temperature of the bottle can be manipulated by the thickness of the fabric cover, allowing players to keep key muscle groups at the ideal temperature needed to help extend their recovery and achieve those marginal gains all elite athletes and their physios strive for.”

The YUYU Bottles have also been extremely successful in helping people suffering from chronic pain and from a range of medical conditions and the hope is now to build further relationship with other sporting organisations.

YUYU Bottles were created by Richard who realised that the design of hot water bottles hadn’t changed in centuries and were often not fit for purpose.

His 21st century creation is made of the highest quality, sustainable fair trade rubber from Sri Lanka.

This is not the first partnership for YUYU Bottles which also works closely with ethical sports agency, The Athlete Media Group (AMG), where many of their athletes are also strong advocates of the YUYU Bottle.

They include double Olympic Gold medal winning sailor and environmentalist Hannah Mills, MBE, who also set up the Big Plastic Pledge, to save the oceans from being a dumping ground for single use plastics.

The agreement with YUYU has been warmly welcomed by the rugby world, with Tom Heeks, Licensing Manager of Rugby Football Union, seeing it as a great move for both organisations.

 “We’re really excited to be working with YUYU Bottle to develop some really targeted product,” he said.

“YUYU Bottles are an excellent way to keep warm in cold weather and cool in hot, which means they’re perfect for rugby players and fans.”



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Among those who find the bottles help ease their conditions are people suffering from scoliosis (curvature of the spine), arthritis, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, colitis, and endometriosis to name but a few.

England Rugby branded YUYU Bottles retail at £50.

23 November 2021


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