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Perfect for Monday Morning at-desk cramps

A hormonal and emotional PJ me has something to talk about..⠀

This is hard for me to talk about, because it’s so bloody real. Since I had my first period at 12, my poor ‘tum’ has been through the wringer. Periods aren’t a walk in the park for anyone, and if you would say that yours is, I’m extremely jealous. Mine on the other hand, like so many other ladies, are brutal. Brutal because they last up to 4 months, they keep me from working, from socialising, they make me sick, they make me anaemic. I’ve missed school, university and then work. I’ve ruined countless clothes, and don’t get me started on the hormone rage but one of the worst parts is the pain.⠀

Mollie Davies

It’s been hard, really bloody hard. When you tell somebody you have cramps or a bad period it’s brushed off. It’s not talked about nearly enough even though it’s getting progressively less taboo. Still, not everybody realises the intensity of what some women go through. Tough, strong women like me have days or weeks where they just crumble.

The last 4 years especially, I’ve visited multiple specialists, tried every contraceptive available (because lord knows that’s not the answer but we’re forced to try them anyway), been misdiagnosed and spent weeks feeling pretty damn hopeless.


While I still await a diagnosis for suspected endo, the only thing (other than some pretty strong painkillers) to get me through the day is a hot water bottle. I’ve become known for them. I carry them around work in our hottest months and it’s become a bit of a running joke. But they’re my comfort, at home or on holiday, my bottle comes everywhere with me. So, when I had the chance to work with the incredible @yuyubottle, I was overjoyed. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about working with a brand. YuYu created the world’s first long hot water bottle, one with a wearable strap that means you’re comforted hands free! Perfect for Monday morning at-desk-cramps. Mine is made with Liberty London fabric and is not only a great source of therapeutic heat, but it’s also pretty cute. YuYu stays hot for up to 6 hours! (Dreamy) the rubber is biodegradable and YuYu work in an ethical and eco conscious way.


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