Hi I’m Jenny and I’m part of the YUYU Team.   I am one of the designers but I also help with lots of other projects -  one of them is speaking with our lovely supporters on social media.

I wish I had had a YUYU when I was younger.


Most people don’t realise that children can suffer from arthritis. I suffered from juvenile arthritis, which caused me a lot of pain when I was 6 till 8 years old and then again when I was 11 to 12 years old. The good thing about this condition is that it doesn’t stay with you unlike the arthritis older people get.


At points I couldn’t bend my legs out straight and when I tried I was in so much pain.


I had to wear splints (moulded plastic that fits your legs) to straighten my knees whilst I slept. When it was really bad I couldn’t walk and had to crawl around.


I used to take a liquid form of Ibuprofen daily to help manage the pain and reduce swelling.


Here is a picture of myself in Italy when the arthritis was at its worst. See how I have my legs bent.


I spent so much time going to Great Ormond Street Hospital for blood tests and check ups and I also had to get my eyes checked every year as there can be a link with it affecting your eyesight. Each time I went my eyes were fine. I also went to physiotherapy appointments to help me get my joints moving and they monitored how much I could bend my knees. I had so many appointments when I was younger.


I used to enjoy going up to London to visit Great Ormond Street Hospital with my Mum. I loved going to Coram’s Fields park which had a zip wire and animals; adults were only allowed in if they were accompanied by a child. We always got lunch in the cafeteria, where I was allowed SunnyD with my meal! It was a great hospital as it had paintings of the Jungle Book and Peter Pan on the walls and the staff where very bubbly and child-friendly. We always made a proper day of it!


July is juvenile arthritis awareness month so this is why I’m highlighting my story.


If you know anyone with juvenile arthritis or who have children with it please tell them about YUYU. I want to make people aware that this product may help ease some joint pain.



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