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Great relief for Back Pain caused by SLE (Lupus)

An account from Stuart about his YUYU Bottle which has been great for easing pain and chills


Stuart is using the YUYU Navy Luxury Fleece


I'm a 44 year husband and father of two, I was initially diagnosed with SLE (lupus) in 2004, but I lived a fairly settled life until 2018. I started suffering from severe back pain, pain that I've never experienced before.

After several visits to the doctors and specialist's it was confirmed my SLE has flared up and had severely attacked my kidneys. Had a couple of biopsies and treatment to help save the kidneys but unfortunately it just wasn't to be.



Stuart is using the YUYU Navy Luxury Fleece


I've been on Peritoneal Dialysis for nearly a year now but still suffer from severe back pain. It usually ends up with me shivering so much it eventually makes the joints in my legs ache too, and it also means I can't watch my son play football as it's too cold for me. So it was with sheer chance that I received a leaflet through the door advertising YUYU Bottles. I thought, genuis! I ordered one and tried it out, filled it up and tied it around me so it covered the shoulder blades, put my jacket on and out I went.

The results were amazing, not once did I feel cold and feel the urge to stand in a hot shower like I normally do. No shaky legs, no back pain either. I now use this everytime I go out for a walk and the difference is unbelievable. The YUYU is the way forward, that's for sure!


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