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Endometriosis Awareness Month- Heat therapy for Endo flare-ups!

I’ve never shared or exposed such personal images before; images which remind me of my pain, weakness and sadness. However, I really hope by sharing my story it helps someone today. Maybe it will be a way of showing others to be kind as we really don’t know what anyone is going through. Endometriosis has changed my life in so many ways, I really hope one day there is a cure as it’s so unfair women have to experience this mentally and physically.

I’ve suffered from Endometriosis since the age of 16. I clearly remember the first attack I had - walking into my parents bedroom in the most excruciating pain, curling over then fainting. I was taken to hospital by ambulance and after a few hours was sent home with painkillers - the hospital advised this was pretty normal for a girl of my age. - This was a regular occurrence throughout my teen/adult years.

I was diagnosed with ‘Stage 4 Endometriosis’ at the age of 30. That’s a shocking 14 years later!! and despite 4 laparoscopy surgeries and emergency appendectomy, I’m still suffering and there’s still no cure.

I’ve suffered from Endometriosis since the age of 16 and was diagnosed with Stage 4 Endometriosis 14 years later 

Endometriosis has and still is affecting my life in various ways; some of the symptoms include: chronic fatigue, excruciating pain (which has been compared to labour pain!), the shifting of estrogen levels can trigger mood swings such as feelings of anger and frustration, nausea and not forgetting the attacks can happen at anytime or place.

I often think how lucky I am to now work for myself as I recall being employed I was often called to disciplinary meetings for my sickness/attendance. Years later, I always carry medication, heat pads in my car at all times. If I’m working with a client there’s always fear of an attack, however if I feel the symptoms coming I’ll quickly take medication to avoid any relapse.



There is one phenomenal pain relief which is HEAT; a warm heated blanket; a heated car seat is just a god send, but there is particular item which I just cannot live without and that is my trusted hot water bottle!!

I recently discovered the YuYu bottle and OMG!! what a creation!!! It’s a saviour!!! I’ve found conventional water bottles can’t reach the sides of your body but the @yuyubottle bottle wraps around like a nice warm hug and it stays warm for upto 6hours.

I hope you find it helps you as much as it’s helping me. Sending you love and hope

Priti x


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