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Endometriosis and Interstitial Cystitis

Nothing soothes pain quite like a hot water bottle does and suffering from multiple chronic pain conditions means I’ve been through my fair share over the years... I’ve tried the standard ‘hot water bottles’, the daily disposable strips, the electric heat pads... everything but for me nothing comes close to the YUYU Bottle. Put simply it's a long hot water bottle but it’s cleverly designed shape means it can reach multiple areas of the body at once! Genius!     

I personally love this feature the most because suffering from two pelvic pain conditions (endometriosis and interstitial cystitis) my whole pelvis and lower back area constantly ache, the YUYU wraps around this whole area perfectly and even has a strap to secure everything in place!  

It stays hotter than the average hot water bottle too thanks to its special lining, so no constant getting up to refill the kettle.  My YUYU  is constantly attached to me, I use it daily without fail and it isn’t an understatement when say I couldn’t live without it

Thank you YUYU for creating something that really does make my life easier, it’s something every chronic pain warrior should own!!

Please go and check out @chronic_khaleesi on instagram

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