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Cherrelle's journey with Endometriosis

I’ve had 2 surgeries within a year and I’m planning my next which will be a full hysterectomy. My condition left me in a wheel chair for 6 weeks. I was unable to walk any distance. I was on morphine and serval other pain killers . 

I then researched a lot and changed my diet and researched what other things I could do to help my condition.

I am currently on Zoladex implants every month to put my body into forced menopause. At the age of 29 the hot flashes and night terrors are awful!

I then stumbled across the YUYU bottle!

The YUYU bottle is my best friend!! Literally... I sleep in it! I use it everyday. I love the feel of the covers and it’s a perfect length to wrap around my waist or lower back. I experience a lot of pelvic pain and lower back pain. This bottle works wonders!

It holds heat for a long time which means it’s perfect for car journeys (I use it when driving) or wearing whilst at work! (I do this a lot!) It’s helped me cut down on pain killers and be able to carry on being at work and my day to day life/ activities.

The YUYU is so versatile ! At night I lay it horizontally on my bed so it can help my aching back at night as I find it hard to sleep. In the day I tie it to my waist. It is very secure. I wear it under my clothes and the heat soothes my back pain and lower pelvic pain as it wraps around my waist.

The YUYU has helped my health and wellbeing so much. It has helped me reduce pain killers and I can feel my body’s tension melt away just after a few moments of using the bottle. No more tucking hot water bottles into my trousers !! This bottle is ace. Everyone needs one. You could use this bottle on any part of your body to help soothe aching muscles or pain.


Find out more about Cherrelle here, @cherrellemelton

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