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Biohacking with Temperature Therapy - learn how your YUYU Bottle can help you Bio-Hack your body



The significance of targeted ice application in sports is gaining increasing recognition for its profound impact on athletic performance. Strategic cooling, particularly in areas like the neck, palms, and upper face, is crucial not only for managing thermal hyperthermia, a growing concern due to rising temperatures in sports environments, but also for enhancing athletic capabilities.

There's a wealth of research underscoring the benefits of specific cooling strategies. A landmark study in 2012 by Heller demonstrated that cooling the palms between strength training sets significantly improved performance, with a 144% increase in volume for experienced athletes and a 22% rise in bench press strength over 10 weeks. Similarly, a study on golfers revealed that neck cooling, particularly around the vagus nerve, exhibited increased perceived quality of each repetition (independent from outcome) and an improvement in state and trait anxiety after stimulation.

YUYU on the Neck

Supporting these findings, Douzi's 2019 study, "Cooling the neck during exercise enhances performances," and Adams's 2015 research further highlight the benefits of neck cooling. Adams's study showed that this method rapidly chills circulating blood, improving performance by up to 5.6%. Cao's 2023 study also reported notable improvements in self-paced performance and repeated sprint ability using a cold neck collar.

The YUYU Ice Recovery Bottle, measuring 90cm and flexible, is an ideal tool for this purpose. Dr. Craig Weller has identified the palms, soles of the feet, and upper face as key zones for managing overheating and thermal regulation. The YUYU is specifically designed for accurate and convenient temperature application, making it versatile for both cooling, to enhance mental focus and physical comfort, and for heating, to relax muscles and facilitate recovery.

Incorporating the YUYU Bottle into training and recovery routines enables athletes to harness the full potential of temperature therapy, providing them with a competitive advantage in their performance.

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