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The best ways to warm up after a cold water swim

Cold water swimming can be invigorating and refreshing, but it can also be a shock to the system. Your body has to work hard to maintain its core temperature, which can cause your muscles to tighten up and become sore. 

When you get out of the water you need to warm up slowly and gradually to stay well, sipping a hot drink and making sure you are dry is a good way to start. And warming up after your swim is easier done with one of our YUYU Long Hot Water Bottles paired with a cosy Vivida Changing robe!


Using a YUYU long hot water bottle after a cold water swim

Using a YUYU long hot water bottle can help to alleviate these symptoms by providing targeted heat therapy to the affected areas.

One of the benefits of using a YUYU Bottle is its unique design. Unlike traditional hot water bottles, the YUYU is long and slim, making it easier to wrap around different parts of the body to provide maximum comfort and relaxation. This makes it an ideal choice for targeting specific areas that may be affected by the cold water, such as your back, shoulders, or legs. YUYU Bottles are also the eco friendly option, made from Grade A Natural Rubber and all YUYU materials are ethically sourced.

Another benefit of using a YUYU long hot water bottle is its versatility and you can use it either hot or cold. Post swim, the YUYU Recovery collection is a great choice as they are designed to deliver the ultimate relief post-sport or post-workout through ice and heat therapy and come in two different collections. 


So which changing robe is best for open water swimmers?

Changing into and out of swimwear outside can be awkward and at best and downright uncomfortable at worst. Plus, ensuring you dry off and warm up safely is a vital step to avoid hypothermia.

Vivida Lifestyle offer two of the warmest changing robes available, thanks to their cosy inner lining, sleeve length, well-constructed hood and waterproof outer shell. They give you plenty of room to get your arms inside to change outdoors, whether at a beach or in a car park.

Vivida changing robes are also a sustainable alternative to others on the market, with a 100%-recycled polyester outer, lining and fill. The unique muted colours look harmonious with nature and the stylish design doesn't look out of place in town or the city, which means they can easily double as your usual heavy-duty coat.

When it comes to sustained warmth and unique style, the Puffer design is the clear choice. However, those looking for a more traditional drying robe, with an immediate cosy feel, will love the Sherpa option.

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